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About Online Food Exchange Lists and Meal Planning for Filipinos

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     The Online Food Exchange Lists and Meal Planning for Filipinos is designed for the average normal adults between the ages of 20-65 to encourage every Filipino people learn to have their meal planning based on common Filipino foods. Because meal planning has vital importance both in the consideration of proper nutrition and in the family’s real enjoyment of food. Knowledge of the food nutrients, their sources and functions will help ensure the choice of nutritionally enough meals.

     This program is a very user-friendly step-by-step process that will give you an idea in meal plan based on your weight management goals. The “Online Food Exchange Lists and Meal Planning for Filipinos” is a user-friendly tool featuring a quick computation of individual's Desirable Body Weight (DBW) and Total Energy Allowance (TEA) distributed into prescribed amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.It is a guide that will help to know the number of exchanges (food choices) can eat at each meal and snack. By following the steps in calculating diets on meal plan page.

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Ms. Mary Ann Bautista and Ms. Judy Valmoria are BS Information Technology students of AMA Computer College Manila Branch. The developers hoping that this Web site will be useful and informative to all users.


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